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Web design packages



Up to 4 pages

Contact block

Social media integration

Image gallery

Google Verification

Google map

Search Engine Optimization

1 email address

No contract period

$179 once off setup fee

Free domain registration

One basic change per month (menus etc)



We are a little old school when it comes to customer service. We believe that if you pay for a service, we will provide it. So when it comes to web design, we will provide it.


We encourage you to look for other plans and other providers. Many (if not all) less expensive providers will set up a template website. Then, they will hand that site to you for you to fill out. Basically, you will build your own website... didn't you just pay someone to do that for you??


When we build a site for you, you will need to do the following.

1. Provide site content (wording, photos & logos)

2. Have a phone call with our designers to establish layout and look

3. That's it.... we do the rest.





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